We also offer MPDR, Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal. Whether you have dropped your helmet or dropped your bike, we can remove most dents from gas tanks and fenders. Domestic and import! MPDR is fairly new to the industry compared to traditional automotive PDR. If you own a bike, then most likely it's your "baby". So let us take a look at your baby and fix it with out you going to a body shop. You can even ship us your tins to be fixed. Call us for pricing!

     We take pride in all the work that we do for our customers. Our headlight restoration is one of the best around. We don't use those "As seen on TV" off the shelf do-it-yourself kits. We put the factory finish and UV protection back on so your headlights will last for years. There are guys who will lightly sand and clear coat your headlights. Be weary, because they use cheap clear and in a couple of months they will turn yellow. Only this time you will spend hundreds on new headlights to fix the problem. We take our time and sand out all the imperfections and use a 5-7 step process to smooth out the surface to that factory shine. Then we apply a UV factory coating to protect from the harmful sun that will last for years. You will be amazed at how much brighter your lights will be driving at night. So let us take a look at them to determine if they can be restored, 90% of the time they can. For a small fraction of the cost of replacing them, we can have you looking like NEW in no time.

Headlight Restoration

     We can fix those deep scratches on your vehicles. I'm talking about actual scratches that are too deep to just buff out. Maybe someone keyed the side of your car but you don't want the panel repainted due to high cost. We can fix most deep scratches with our removal and touch up method. We can get rid of that road rash, rock chips and other imperfections. As a rule of thumb, touch up services are to minimize the appearance of an imperfection from 6 feet and back. There are longer methods to where we can spend several days on higher ends cars to obtain and almost factory repair. Our main concern is to fix the damaged area to where corrosion doesn't set in.

Paint Touch Up & Scratch Removal

     We can fix most dings and dents on just about any make and model vehicle. As long as the panel is steel or aluminium, which most vehicles are.

They can range from as small as a dime to as large as a panel. Got HAIL damage?? We can fix that too! We also can fix plastic bumpers and some chrome bumpers on certain model trucks.  Just because it looks bad to you doesn't mean it can't be fixed. Most body shops will want your business and try to talk you into doing  conventional repair. This means sanding, body filler and repainting panels and sometimes a total replacement of that panel. If the paint is not damaged or damaged severely, than most of the time a PDR tech can repair the dent and keep the factory paint. Sometimes a dent is too severe or the paint is too damaged for paintless dent repair and then we would recommend going the conventional repair route. We will always try to help you out in any way possible so that you get your car back to your satisfaction. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

Paintless Dent Removal




Motorcycle PDR